Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer

Hire us for pool opening service in Rocky Point, Medford & Southampton, NY

Summer is an exciting time. The warmer weather brings everyone outside, and pools in the Rocky Point, Medford and Southampton, NY areas begin to open. Complete Pool Service of Long Island LLC wants to make opening your pool easier this season. Our pool opening service includes cleaning the filters, removing winter plugs, installing jets and preparing the chemicals with the right pH balance.

Let us take care of your pool opening. With service from our team, you can simply enjoy your pool when it's open for the summer.

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Winterize your pool before the cold hits

Winterize your pool before the cold hits

Before winter arrives, you need to prepare your pool for the colder temperatures. Complete Pool Service of Long Island will close down your pool and wrap everything up at the end of the season. Our goal is to protect your pool during the offseason so it's in great shape when you open it in the spring.

As part of our pool closing service, we will take care of the...

  • Water. We will lower the pool water and add chemicals to prevent freezing and cracks in the lining.
  • Hardware. We will remove the handrails and ladders to prevent problems during the colder season.
  • Plugs. We will install winter plugs to stop water from seeping into the pipes and freezing.
  • Cleaning. We will drain and clean all the filters, heaters and pumps to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Covers. We will put on a pool cover to keep the pool warmer than the outside air.

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